Starter Sites

Starter Sites


What's are Starter Sites? 

It's a simple 4 page website design with no e-commerce, special features***, or custom coding, We call these "starter sites", but they offer the same quality as any website builds we perform. They offer the same features, the same SEO (search engine optimization) features mentioned here, and the same analytics options discussed here.

There are only 2 things these websites lack:

  1. A big price tag
  2. Extra pages you may not need.

This website package includes: Starter Sites from Affordable Website Designers Lexington, Georgetown or Frankfort Kentucky $500

  • Initial phone consultation with client
  • Fully responsive website
  • Up to 4 website pages
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Stock pictures (unless client provides additional pictures)
  • Project Done in 2 weeks or less*
  • Written tutorial for clients to edit their own websites
Cost: $500**

We encourage you to search around and find a better price. That's how confident we are in our ability to design quality, fully functional websites Again, all for a price that's tough for anyone to beat in the Lexington, Georgetown, or Frankfort Kentucky area. 

*failure to provide any information requested from the client is not the fault of Affordable Website Design and will not count against our promised delivery time. Failure to provide requested information will "pause" the clock on the 2 week delivery promise.

**$500 price does not include web hosting set up, domain purchase price. Client must purchase these items and provide access to Affordable Website Design and Digital Marketing

*** For questions about special features, please contact us with details about the items you would like added to the website.