Website Builds

Website Builds

Questions for Website Design

Before you decide if you want to be on this page ask yourself the following questions about your website design:

  1. Do I need more than 4 pages on my website? If no, check out our starter sites as it may be a more affordable option.
  2. Will I be selling items through my website? If yes, skip question 3 and let's get started.
  3. Am I a non-profit organization, club, or school? If yes, explore some of the special options we have for you by visiting this page.

Now, let's get started!

Affordable website design should not be a hard to find. It should be the least stressful part of owning your business. At Affordable Website Design and Digital Marketing we take your vision and make it come to life. It's your website, so you should decide how it looks!

All of our website designs come with features essential to a great website in today's digital world.

  • Responsive designs let the website look and feel the same regardless of the device. You can see an example of a responsive website below. Notice how the device gets smaller and the content reorganizes itself.
  • SEO features giving your website the best chance to be found by a search engine. This is the most important part of a website design.
  • Analytics code as a part of the website. We use Google Analytics for all our website builds. This is a piece of code added to the website that will allow you to track visitor activity on your website. For more information you can visit our Google Analytics page.
  • Written tutorials so you can learn how to make changes to the website yourself. You don't need us to make every little change to your website. We are more than happy to teach you how to change text, add pictures, or additional pages.
affordable website design-affordable website designers-responsive websites-lexington georgetown frankfort
This is a responsive website. The content snaps to fit any screen.

We will not take custom pictures for the website. One of the reasons we are able to build so quick and are able to keep our costs affordable is because we rely on you to take and provide us quality pictures for the website.

We will provide the writing. If there are technical areas or terminology we will contact you to provide that content to ensure accuracy.

If you are in Lexington, Georgetown, or Frankfort, Kentucky and are ready to get started, we here at Affordable Website Design and Digital Marketing are ready too!

Visit our contact page and provide us a little bit of information, or give us a call directly: 502-783-7574